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TM 110
Fundamentals of Statics
Demonstration of force and moment equilibrium in a mechanical force system

TM 110.01
Supplementary Set -  Inclined Plane and Friction
Measurement and demonstration of spring deflection, inclined plane and mechanical friction

TM 110.02
Supplementary Set - Pulley Blocks
Construction and mode of operation of 3 different pulley blocks

TM 110.03
Supplementary Set -  Gear Wheels
Mode of operation of single-stage and multi-stage toothed gear mechanisms

TM 115
Forces in a Crane Jib
Graphical and experimental determination of forces in a planar central force system

FL 111
Forces in a Simple Bar Structure
Resolution of forces in a simple bar structure

EM 049
Equilibrium of Moments on a Two-Arm Lever
Investigation of applied forces, generated moments and equilibrium

SE 110.53
Equilibrium in a Single Plane, Statically Determinate System
experimentelle Erarbeitung des wichtigen Prinzips "Freimachen" in der Statik

SE 112
Mounting Frame
Base unit for clear and simple set-up of experiments on statics, strength of materials and dynamics

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